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What began as an idea back in 2016 in Leicester, UK, to highlight the city’s multi-cultural heritage and culinary excellence, flourished into a spectacular gala evening a year later.

The event was so successful we thought it was time to expand and decided to bring the dazzling awards across the pond to Toronto! From tasty takeaways to fabulous fine dining, it’s now time to shine the spotlight on what the Toronto foodie scene has to offer.

Annually, there are many festivals and events held in Toronto to commemorate and celebrate Torontonians’ cultures and heritage. To celebrate the city’s status as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, Pukaar News presents the Toronto Curry Awards. Alongside our sister company, Pukaar Magazine, we have a commitment to highlighting the vibrant culture of Leicester in all its diversity. We cover stories online, work with regional and national broadcasters and publish a quarterly magazine that celebrates the city’s success stories.

With a shortlist compiled from public nominations, our expert panel of judges will pick finalists across six categories. Winners will be announced at our gastronomically spectacular awards ceremony in June 2019. On behalf of Pukaar News and Pukaar Magazine, happy dining!

To be nominated in the Toronto Curry Awards, any restaurant or take out must include 90% South Asian curries on their menu. By South Asian we mean Bengali, Indian, Nepalese and Pakistani curries.

For more information on Pukaar News please visit our website www.pukaarnews.com and find the latest from Pukaar magazine, as well as past editions, at www.pukaarmagazine.com


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